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    Friday, March 14, 2014

    Happy Monthsary Dinner~

    So this post is gonna be a combination about our recent monthsary dinner together as well as a recommendation I would like to make for some awesome food!

    This is actually our second visit to this place (Trattoria Bonissima Italian Restaurant) and as to what really brought us back has got to be their signature pizza - Bonissima Pizza (which has Mozarella, Roma Tomatoes, Onion, Roast Beef, Rocket, Parmesan Cheese and Truffle Oil!)...YUMMILICIOUS! We both heart this pizza! If you love roast beef and if you love have to try this! Some pics to share...and FYI I'm combining pics that I've taken from both our visit just to add to the variety...


    (THE Bonissima Pizza~)

    (Pesto seafood pasta~)

    (The Squid Ink Pasta~)

    (And of cos...some wine to go with the food! They serve pretty nice wine as well~)

    I guess 2 visits will definitely not be enough for us. Definitely looking forward to the 3rd visit there! :D

    Then to side track back to our recent monthsary, apart from dinner, we went for movie as well. But it was a horrendous one I have to say. We went to watch the Monkey King after knowing that one of my fav actor Donnie Yen acted in it. But seriously, 5 mins into the show, we were both filled with regrets! LOL...horrendous horrendous show! Donnie Yen...why u act in the show? LOL! After the show, both of us were both amused and angry for having spent 2 hours of our time on this show. *faints*

    But oh well...I get's still more about spending time together off our schedule that's important. *Happy Monthsary*

    Thursday, March 13, 2014

    Why so hard to lose weight?!

    I finally understand why my dance seniors use to tell me that once a woman steps into the late twenties, it's really hard to maintain the weight. I...FINALLY...GET...IT! Gawddd...

    And so....I have this plan to at least just lose 3 kg by 15th May 2014! A resolution that was give birth on my birthday this year. LOL...I've been hitting the gym rather vigorously recently, with my visits to gym being mainly for Hot Yoga and Zumba classes. But with just 63 days left to my personal deadline...I'm still at where I was with no weight loss YET! ZOMG!

    I guess it's really got to do with my diet. I just find it sooooo freaking hard to resist to food temptations. Once I have a craving, I erm...yes...CRAVEEE for it until that particular food gets into my mouth! :( How to lose weight like that?!?!?!

    Oh well...let's see. I hope by having this random post here, it can somehow help me to stay more determined. Do drop me some notes of encouragement if anyone happens to pop by and read this! LOL...Afterall, they say encouragement helps one is trying to lose weight. :p

    Till then, I shall not give up and go for more classes! Wish me luck! :D

    (*Image from Google / Beautyinfozone)

    Wednesday, March 12, 2014

    Staycation at St Regis with the ladies~

    Not too long ago, I had a staycation with some of my girlfriends @ St Regis Singapore. We had booked the Lady Astor Suite since this suite has got 2 double beds. 

    Bern had to go for lasik review that day, so I only met the gals at 3pm at the hotel for check-in. Perhaps cos I just got back from W Resort @ Bali, given the price we paid for the Lady Astor Suite, I actually felt a little disappointed cos' it was so much smaller relatively. But then I know can't really compare it that way given the space constraint in Singapore.

    (Our 2 double beds~ As a side note, I've always loved the beds of hotels under Starwood Group~)

    (Some pics of the bathroom~)

    (My drink for the night~Cheap and quite nice one~)

    Nevertheless, the service was prompt by our personal butler. Nothing much, just dinner together and then back to the hotel for some chat and games~

    (Me and Fang~)

    (Haha...late night game to keep us from getting poor after a few games of poker~ :p)

    (Haha...Irene still watching show on her phone while we all zzz)

    Next morning, some of the peeps had some chill time by the pool but as for me, no swimming for awhile after Bali cos my skin was getting really dry and tanned.I left earlier then the rest cos' I had a golf game in the afternoon. I guess though it was a really short staycation, but being able to take time off to spend time with my long-time girlies once in a while feels really nice. Perhaps an overseas trip with them next. :)

    P.S: though I just went Hong Kong last December, but somehow I am looking forward to my next Hong Kong-Macau trip with my mum in April. I hope it's still chilly there~

    Sunday, March 9, 2014

    My little date with Bao Bao~

    This lady is definitely not a new face to my blog...Ms Wee! LOL...after I got back from Bali, met up with Mingbao for a belated birthday dinner at East8 located at Grand Park City Hotel. It's my second time heading to here for drinks and tapas. Cozy little place in City Hall~

    (So sweet of them to write this on the wine bottle at the table~)

    (Pretty Bao and me~)
    And one thing I have to really give credit for this place is their cocktails. I'm not a cocktail lover and most of the time I would just go for wine...but this place, whenever I'm here, I would want to try the different cocktails they make. So far, after trying 3-4 of their cocktail, none of it had got me disappointed yet though :p *thumbs up*
    (Yummilicious cocktails~)

    (Tapas~ the beef and the truffle fries are my favs out of them all!)
    (Happy belated birthday to me~)

    Loving as always to have casual catch up session with Mingbao, time zoom pass pretty fast that night. Thanks for the mini belated birthday celebration and the gift you got for me babe! *blessed*

    Friday, March 7, 2014

    Trip to Bali - W Retreat and Spa! - Day 5! *The Final Day!*

    Day 5 was really nothing much, except to wake up and enjoy W's sumptuous breakfast spread once more and just chill pill all the way~~~

    (Oh one thing I didn't mention...everytime we step in for brekkie, we get to choose a cup we would like to use for the day! They have a wide selection of cups! LOL)

    (Beef Udon and Wanton noodles! LOL..yes these are included in the breakfast list as well!)

    (Some breakfast thingy with salmon..:P)

    (This avocado with papaya mix juice that was one of their new creations was served for our tasting...I kinda like the combination~)


    (Me taking a chill pill gazing into the pool and sea~)

    After breakfast, we finally, after so many days of stay, decided to step out to the beach and have a little stroll. The sea was just lovely and the waves that morning was just right to not frighten me off. LOL...and oh there was this stall that sells really lovely seashells. Was quite tempted to bring one back home but then laziness took over! haha...


    (Bern strolling~ ;p)

    After the stroll, it was pretty much time for us to check out and head to the airport. I was feeling a little down over the fact that we had to leave such a lovely place...and also cos' I had to leave behind my first bouquet of flowers from Bern :(""...

    (Bye bye my lovely flowers...i love u~)

    But Bern seeing my sad face told me off..haha...cos he said I should not be sad...cos we're going home...That kinda make sense! Afterall, holidays are meant to make us happier! *grinz* And I'll definitely look forward to my next holiday...hopefully soonnnnn!